The Humphreys Cemetery, est. 1854, is located about 2 miles SE of Martindale, Caldwell County, Texas, with over 300 grave sites.

All descendants & spouses of those buried in this cemetery are encouraged to participate & have a voice in our activities.

We hope to provide a means on this website to tell us your family history and it’s relationship to the cemetery.

We would love to add photos of your family members to this site. Please email your stories using the contact form.

The Humphreys Cemetery Association, Inc. is an IRS Section 501 (c) (13) organization, and all voluntary contributions which are irrevocably dedicated to the care of the cemetery as a whole are deductible by the donor for Federal income tax purposes.  Copies of the association’s exemption application, IRS exemption letter, and annual information returns are available for public inspection.  To request a copy of these or other related documents, please contact the association secretary.